Remove Paypal Express Checkout from Prestashop

In order to remove the PayPal Express Checkout button from the product and shopping cart pages in Prestashop 1.6, you need to remove the PayPal Modul from the correlating hooks. Step 1: Go to Modules > Positions: Step 2: Click  ‘All Modules‘, do a search for the PayPal Module and choose it from the search […]


How to clear the Firefox browser cache?

This tutorial is written for Mac users, but it should also apply for Windows users. For clearing the cache in the Firefox browser, go to: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy & Security,  scroll to the Cached Web Content section and click the ‘Clear Cache‘ button. Additionally, go to the Site Data section, here you also […]


Add Honeypot to Simplenews subscription form block

The Drupal Honeypot module ( works well out of the box for comments and web forms in nodes. In my case i needed to add the Honeypot spam filter to a Simplenews ( newsletter subscription form, which resides inside a block in the sidebar of most pages. The problem here was that if the time restriction feature […]


Add a new tab to a Facebook page (2012)

I had so many problems with adding a new tab to a Facebook page containing an iframe content from an external website, that I though i’d put this tutorial together for others who might be experiencing the same difficulties. Requirements In this tutorial I assume you have already set up or know how to set […]


iPhoto Videos Don’t Work

Recently, I had the problem that videos on iPhoto wouldn’t play anymore on my Macbook pro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8). It took me quite a while to figure out the cause, so I thought i’d share my solution here. Upgrade Quicktime First, I uninstalled Quicktime by deleting it from the applications folder, and made sure I […]



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