Coworking Space in the Heart of Biberach

Did you know that the first coworking space, founded in Berlin in 1995, was a hackerspace?

Coworking spaces have come a long way since 1995. But the principle remains unchanged:

Like-minded professionals sharing a space in which to work, create, share resources, and network.

This the principle behind our coworking space in Biberach.

About us
We run a busy web design business in our large home office. We have space for friendly, creative professionals to join our coworking space. We’d prefer you to be in the IT or creative fields.

Our Location
In the Lindele – a lovely, quiet part of town in the heart of Biberach.

We’re conveniently located within 8 minutes’ walk from the town center.

The train station is 15 minutes’ walk. You can also catch a bus, which stops right outside our office.

If you drive, there’s free all-day street parking.

Our Set up
Currently, we have available:

  • 1 private office
  • 1 shared space with an IT professional
  • Separate entrance and low noise levels.
  • High-speed broadband internet and phone on desk.
  • Ethernet plugs for each private office and workstation.
  • Kitchenette with tea and coffee (we provide the coffee, you provide the smile).
  • Central heating.
  • Separate toilet.

Our vibe
If you’re expecting fancy modern offices, then we are not the coworking space for you. Our offices were built in the 50s as an extension to the already-existing house. They have a faded mid-century charm. The offices were not used for several decades and so they needed a lot of work when we moved in. We did as much as we could to make them functional within our budget, and the present result is a mixture of bohemian and rustic, with some attractive (but fading) mid-century design elements.

Having said that, our utilities are modern, with high-speed broadband internet and Ethernet plugs for each private office and workstation, and central heating throughout.

Our Pricing Structure
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rates. Users who book for longer periods are rewarded with lower rates.

Who We’re Looking For
Friendly, talented and creative people. Bonus points if you don’t mind playing classic video games.

Sounds good! How can I contact you?

Call us on 07351 7975699 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.




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