Remove Paypal Express Checkout from Prestashop

In order to remove the PayPal Express Checkout button from the product and shopping cart pages in Prestashop 1.6, you need to remove the PayPal Modul from the correlating hooks.

Step 1:

Go to Modules > Positions:

Step 2:

Click  ‘All Modules‘, do a search for the PayPal Module and choose it from the search results:

Step 3:

Now you get a list of all hooks which the PayPal module is attached to. Scroll down the page and look for the displayFooterProduct hook, click on the arrow next to the PayPal modules ‘Edit‘ button. Then click on ‘Unhook‘.

Step 4:

Like in step 3, just this time remove the PayPal module from the displayFooterProduct hook.

The PayPal Express button should now be removed.

Do you know a better way? Let me know about it in the comments below:

How to add or remove a www subdomain for Prestashop

Prestashop change url settingsLog into your admin interface, click on the Preferences tab, and on the SEO & URLs link one row below.

Scroll down to the area called URLs Setup, and look for the Shop domain name input field.

Here you can change the url to either use www (example: or not (

Now save your settings.

In order to make this work you need to let the server know about the change by updating the .htaccess file. This is done conveniently from within the Prestashop admin interface.

Prestashop generate .htaccess fileGo to the Tools tab and click on the Generators link one row below.

Then click the Generate .htaccess file button (If you can’t generate the .htaccess file from here, you will most likely be asked to change the write permissions for the file. You can do so for example via FTP).


Now you can go back to your shopfront and see if the changes took place.


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